Dataset: Most Popular Baby Names by Sex and Mother's Ethnic Group, New York City

This week's dataset focuses on popular baby names and their ethnicity in New York city.  Read more

Algorithm: Gradient Descent

When working with machine learning algorithms, you often have to train your algorithm prior to predicting future data.  One of the most popular methods that is used for training is called gradient descent.

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Dataset: Housing Data Set (Boston Massachusetts)

This week's dataset covers some housing date from Boston Massachusetts.  The dataset is provided by UCI and is primarily geared towards regression. The main point of this analysis is to determine how the cross validation error and testing error behaved as the number of cases increased.  Read more

Algorithm: Linear Regression

For anyone who starts out with machine learning, one of the first algorithms that one would learn is linear regression.

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Dataset: Los Angeles Crimes 2012-2016

This week's dataset explores crimes that occurred in Los Angeles between 2012-2016.  I had two objectives in mind when working with this dataset.  The first was observing crime patterns to see whether anything interesting popped out.  The second was getting more experience manipulating data with pandas.Read more