This week’s dataset explores crimes that occurred in Los Angeles between 2012-2016.  I had two objectives in mind when working with this dataset.  The first was observing crime patterns to see whether anything interesting popped out.  The second was getting more experience manipulating data with pandas.

During my analysis, I learned the following:

  • Traffic related crimes were the most common.
  • 77th Street had the most crime during the time period.
  • Most crimes appear to be under continuing investigation.  Of course, it could be possible that the data wasn’t simply updated.
  • There are instances where the date of a crime occurred after is was reported.  I send an e-mail to the creator to know why this was the case and I’ll inform you guys when I know the answer.
  • The fewest number of reported crimes was around the 2015 San Bernardino attacks.  While it’s known that there’s little data around this time, why was it the case?

If you guys are interested in analyzing the dataset yourself, please share your findings in the comment section.  If you have questions about the analysis, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

My notebook on the analysis can be found on Kaggle.

The dataset can be found here end is maintained by the LAPD.

Update: The LAPD recently updated their dataset that covers from 2010 to Present.  The new dataset can be found here.