Matchapede is a hybrid between snake and match 3.  

Converse your centipede through 12 levels as you collect food, create matches with the same colors, and perform cascades to complete objectives.

Objectives can include:

  • Making a number of matches.
  • Making a number of cascades.  Sometimes even consecutively.
  • Matching a certain number of pieces.
  • Obtaining a minimum score.
  • Completing a level under a time limit.


I would like to re-dabble into making games back from my school days.  I always wondered about combining two different game mechanics to create a new game.

Even though it’s my first time creating a game under Unity, I did learn a fair amount about the engine.  Someday, I would like to build a better version of this game.

Programming Languages

The program was developed under Unity and C#.


The game can currently be found on