Dataset: Belgium retail market

In this week's dataset, I worked with the Belgium retail market dataset.  In my previous post, I talked about how Apriori can be used to generate association rules.  So, I search for a good dataset that I can use to apply the Apriori algorithm.  The dataset consists of over 88,000 transactions with over 16,000 different items.  While the dataset only contains numbers, we can still apply the algorithm.  This analysis demonstrates how support and confidence influences the amount of rules generated.

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Algorithm: Apriori

So far, I've talked about regression or classification algorithms that can be used to solve problems.  Sometimes though, we just want to discover some associations within our data.  These associations can, in turn, be used by a business to optimize profits.

One of the fundamental algorithms that can be used to solve these kind of problems is called Apriori algorithm.

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